This is what happens when a favorite childhood book was dearly loved and read over and over again:

I read THE HORSEMASTERS, by Don Stanford so many times as a teen that the cover wore off and I had to make a new one. I even forgot what the original cover looked like, until doing a Google check!

Such a great book…that and every single book by Walter Farley! Hmm, maybe I should pull out Black Stallion soon and give it another read. 🙂


QOTD:  What was your favorite book as a teen?


  1. I love this! How cute that you made it a new cover. My favorite book as a teen was probably The Outsiders. I read it again and again, and then read everything else S.E. Hinton wrote. I want to revisit them as a adult, to see how they hold up. Have you reread The Horsemasters?

  2. I hate to admit this … but I’ve never read The Outsiders! Okay, it’s now officially on my summer reading list. And I should reread Horsemasters as well – I think I was in my twenties when I’ve last done so. I’m partially afraid it won’t live up to expectations! There is another book called A Horse Named Mr. Ragman that was also a favorite – it never fails to amaze me no matter how many times I read it.

    Thanks for visiting my website! 🙂

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