After crashing three times yesterday, my website is finally up and running again, thank goodness! There’s still something screwy going on with the columns and coding but you know what? I’m letting it go until I have time to strip this baby clean and give it a head-to-toe, start-from-scratch makeover. Yes, I’m ready for a new look.

I’m thinking…pink and green colors. You can’t go wrong with pink.

With this in mind, I spent a few hours yesterday scouring websites for the perfect header photograph that defines me. What a challenge. How can you define an entire life with just one picture? I started out by listing things that represent me. Books, for sure. An antique typewriter would be cool and a coffee mug…or maybe I should say tea cup since I’m trying to cut down on the java. Running shoes would be a nice touch. Oh, and flowers! I love flowers, especially gerbera daisies. And pink, there must be pink. So I entered these components in my search: books, coffee mug, typewriter, running shoes, flowers, pink. What showed up on the first page of images?

Military boots, window drapes, and a kid dressed as an aviator.


So okay, I had to narrow things down a touch and after much searching, I finally found an image I loved for my new header:

It’s got a cute coffee mug. It’s got a flower. It’s got pink. Close enough to perfect for me!

Now to get to work on that makeover…

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