happiness_isI’m so excited about finally finishing up with a much-needed website makeover with a new theme, new header, new colors, new everything! I have to admit. I’m kind of loving the new look. IMG_6030It was also fun and rather bittersweet going through archives of old blog posts dating back to 2006 and finding a few “Happiness Is…” entries like this one and this one. Oh, how I loved those books and anything by Charles Schulz! The few that I managed to save from my childhood hold prime position in my secretary.

IMG_6032 I never did quite understand this until I was an adult, though. Seeing those old blog posts, however, has inspired me to rekindle my Happiness Is posts since I sometimes worry too much about what is wrong with my life instead of celebrating what’s right. After all, this blog is called Write, Run, Rejoice. So…

IMG_5837Happiness is celebrating Memorial Day by hanging out at my father’s pavilion that has been affectionately nicknamed Pop Pop’s Party Pavilion! Yes, that’s a pinball machine in the back. No, I never win on that thing. I am, however, undefeated still at checkers.

IMG_5855Happiness is a new 10k PR (personal record) at the Annapolis ZOOMA and spending a gorgeous day sightseeing with my husband! (More on that later.)





Happiness is seeing my nephew graduate!




IMG_6022And last but not least, happiness is watching The Fault In Our Stars with my (unofficial but still official to me) third son and being so beautifully emotionally drained afterwards that we needed to sit in the lobby, taking a few minutes to let everything sink in before leaving. Sigh. It was a gorgeous movie, one of the best adaptations ever.

Happy rejoicing! 🙂


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