I’ve had some firsts this week.

On Monday, I went to a 4:00 showing of P.S. I Love You, (for book research,) and I was THE ONLY ONE IN THE MOVIE THEATER! Seriously, isn’t that cool? I sat in the very best spot with no heads in my way. If I wanted to, I could have talked on my cell phone for the entire time. I could have chomped my gum and moved a thousand times. Heck, I could have farted if it wasn’t for my fear of a theater employee walking in for a security check.

And it didn’t matter that I forgot tissues for the two times I cried. I could sniff all I wanted without being rude! All very cool benefits, but it was also a lonely, weird experience as well. Don’t know if I want to repeat that one. Loved the movie, though.

I also had my very first writing date yesterday with Pam at our favorite hangout spot. At first, I was worried we’d accomplish nothing but a sore jaw from talking, especially when Jim showed up, but I did get a lot done on A.Y.O.H.E. (Figure those initials out, I dare ya!) I wrote about 3,800 words and broke through a few minor blocks, and I need all the words I can get if I’m going to make our Valentine’s Day deadline. (We’re setting goals to be completed by major holidays–don’t ask why because I don’t know.)

Anyway, unlike the solo movie experience, having more writing dates is something I definitely want to repeat.

And now, I need to see The Bucket List and Will Ferrell’s upcoming Semi-Pro for more book research.

(Okay, maybe not Semi-Pro. I just love Will Ferrell and the trailer looks hilarious!)

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