For those who read yesterday’s whining . . . er, concerns over my apparent WADD syndrome, (Writer Attention Deficit Disorder,) it’s hitting me full force today. I really, really, REALLY want to work on the serious one now. It’s main character has haunted me for about five years now, and I’m so in love with the title that I would probably clothesline any editor who told me to change it.

Um . . . I was just joking about the clothesline. Really.

(I said that just in case my editor is reading this. But between you and me, I would so totally do it. Don’t tell!)

No . . . I must be strong. I must overcome this horrid disorder and stay focused on my current work-in-progress. I will not be weak and stray to greener grasses because that would be cheating and I, Laura Bowers, am loyal to the end.

Or . . . I could work on both, you know, do a few chapters of the one and then switch to the other.

But no . . . I like to work with only one manuscript at a time.

Darn this WADD! We should start an organization or support group, like WAWADD, (Writers Against Writers Attention Deficit Disorder,) and spend long afternoons discussing our problems. But . . . that would probably just give us another reason to procrastinate, huh?

Okay, scratch that idea.

Fine. I’ll get back to work.

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