Okay, you would think that after eight seasons of America’s Next Top Model, we’ve seen it all, right? Cat fights. Forced bikini waxes. Stolen energy drinks. Streaking models with blurred out ta-tas. So what can Make Me A Supermodel on Bravo offer that’s new?

Well, never in all of ANTM history have we seen a model’s butt being shaved.

They also have watered down the drama and upped the co-ed sex appeal, as proved by the bikini runway show with some of them in thongs. (Hence, the butt shaving.) Could have done without that, but I do like how there’s more focus on modeling and how Nikki Taylor has yet to say anything like, “When I was a model, I once catwalked over burning coals with the designer sitting on my shoulders, but I was still fierce . . .”

And can I say that Tyson Beckford has to be one of the world’s most handsome men? Good grief.


Switching topics:

Is there such a thing as W.A.D.D.? (Writer’s Attention Deficit Disorder.) If so, I must have it.

See, every time I get to the 20,000 word count on a new manuscript, I’m hit with a sudden desire and inspiration to work on a different book. Like now. In December, I chose to not work on a funny novel because I didn’t feel like being funny. Then later, I stopped working on a serious novel because I didn’t feel like being serious. Instead, I started a new novel that’s both funny and serious. But now . . . I want to go back and finish the funny one. Or the serious one. Anything but the funny/serious one, even though it is really funny . . . and serious.

Have I lost you yet?

But no, I’m gonna finish the funny/serious one because Pam and I have a challenge that we finish them by Valentine’s Day. (Why Valentine’s Day, we have no clue.) And then I’ll reward myself by finishing either the funny one or the serious one.

Or . . . I might start a mystery one. 😉

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