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IMG_1471My friends and I have a yearly tradition of going to the Carroll County Arts Council annual PEEPshow, an event so popular, they often have to close that part of Main Street!

This year’s 8th Annual PEEPshow was as fun as ever. We first met up at O’Lordan’s Irish Pub for dinner. Bob’s initial plan was to drop me off and then meet friends at Maggie’s Restaurant where I’d join him later. (My man is not into marshmallow art.) But to my surprise, he decided to hang out with us. I think it was because my friend, Jeri’s husband was going. Whatever the case, it was nice sharing this experience with him! After a round of burgers and beer, we made the short walk to the arts center, enjoying the nice but somewhat chilly weather and community atmosphere.

Greeted by peeps!
Greeted by peeps!

We first donated money for vote tokens to support the Art Council, then it was time to peek at some peeps, some of which were beyond outstanding! And I was happy to later discover that my top picks were hits with other voters as well.  So with that, here are five of my favorite PEEP entries for 2015:


1. JUST BORN GOOFY by the Mondor Family and winner of the Grand Prize!

Oh come on. How could I not absolutely love this one, especially after running the Goofy Challenge this past January? So many questions though! Like, how long did this take them to make? How many PEEPS were used? And oh my goodness, how did they haul it there?


2. LEFT SHARK by Sydney Blacksten, 1st place winner!

Katy Perry would be very proud! Clever, Sydney, very clever, you did a fantastic job.


3. CURIOUS GEORGE PLAYS PEEP-A-BOO, by Katrina Dumont, 2nd place winner

Aw … Curious George! How I cherished those books as a child. Seeing this brought back so many wonderful memories that I’m gonna say it again: Awwww!


4. OMG GRAY HARES, by Hot Looks Hair Design, 3rd place winner

OMG is right. I absolutely ADORED this one, not just because of the fantastic colors but also since it reminded me of the ladies in my first novel, Beauty Shop for Rent. Granny Po would have gotten a kick out of this! Cadie would be tempted to nibble on a pink peep. Rosemary would compliment Hot Looks smart marketing tactics and Edith would have been bored.

(Speaking of bored, Bob–however interested he tried to appear–seemed ready to go.)


5. MARTIAL ARTS MINION by Tristar Martial Arts, 4th place winner

Okay, you had me with minion. But a minion doing martial arts? Outstanding! And … slight brag moment here … my black-belt nephew who now teaches at Tristar helped to make this. So yeah. Loved it even more!

There were so many other great entries that deserve a shout-out, like these:


And as for Bob … well, after my friend, Lona and I went to the theater section to watch films that starred PEEPS, I got this message:

“My interest has peeped. See you at Maggie’s!”

Hey, he lasted longer than I thought he would!

Thanks, Carroll Arts Council for another great PEEP show. I’m looking forward to 2016!

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