The shop is still open! Last fall, I discovered how my little BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT was nominated for the following awards:

South Dakota State Library’s 2009-10 YARP Reading List
Missouri Association of School Librarian’s 2009-10 Gateway Readers Award
New York State Reading Association’s 2010 Charlotte Award
Eliot Rosewater 2009-10 Award
Volunteer State 2009-10 Book Award
The Kentucky 2009 Book Award

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for those responsible for nominating me. It’s truly an honor!

If you’d like to check out my interview with the New York State Reading Association, click here!

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  1. A. Sue Billings says:

    Hi Ms. Bowers,
    I last saw you at the Ag center in Westminster last fall in the area of the authors and artists. I spoke to you and told you that I had bought your book a few years ago, but hadn’t read it yet. Well, I just finished it and I LOVED IT!!!! What a wonderful, heartwarming story. A lot of that is so true in many lives and it touched on mine. “Beauty Shop for Rent” is a great read and would make for a nice movie. It’s just wonderful! Are you going to publish anymore books? Thank you for a great story!
    A. Sue Billings
    Taneyown, MD

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