When I was inspired to write Beauty Shop for Rent , I wanted to create a world of strong, loving women of all ages who have formed their own family. Although it was written for young adults, I wanted the book to be multi-generational, so that all women–both the young and the young at heart–would enjoy it.

So it makes me beyond happy to receive fan mail like these:

“I absolutely LOVED your book Beauty Shop for Rent! When Abbey Garner and Mitch kiss it was so romantic … When Abbey, Granny Po, and the girls went looking for her mom, I read for like 3 hours just because I couldn’t put it down it was so exciting. I hope you write a series or another book about Abbey, Mitch, Granny Po, and the girls because it was so awesome!” From a fifth grade fan.

“I just finished your book. What a delightful reading it is. I am a bit more than a young adult at 67, but your storytelling is so so so good. I will tell everyone I know about this book, but do not limit yourself by saying “Young Adults”. The fact is that it is wholesome and decent is for all readers. Thank you for writing it. Looking forward to reading anything else you write. Your characters came to life for me.” From a California fan.

Thank you both for making my day!

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