Thanks so much for all the sweet, touching comments left on my livejournal post yesterday! It’s so fantastic being surrounded by cyber friends. I even received a lovely email from someone in the UK (thank you!) which proves just how connected the world can be with the internet. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I forget that fact when I’m typing away in my small house in my small Maryland town.

Okay, after my major-downer of a post yesterday, I thought I’d share the good news I got this week! My editor sent me this blurb for BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT, from the wonderful E. Lockart:

“As homey, gossipy and charming as a small-town beauty shop, Laura Bowers’ first novel will soothe your mind, cleanse your pores, and make your hair curl with laughter.”
— E. Lockhart, author of The Boyfriend List and Fly on the Wall

Woo HOO!

And then a few days later, I also received this one from the dear, dear Lara M. Zeises:

“BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT represents what’s missing in a lot of current YA fiction – good old-fashioned storytelling that doesn’t need some sort of gimmick to make it stand out. The quirky cast of characters feel like real people, and not devices created to perform the plot. Abbey’s voice sparkles right from the get-go, and her relationship with Granny Po and the rest of the Gray Widows is both hilarious and moving. This is more than just STEEL MAGNOLIAS for the younger set – this is a lovely coming of age story that stands on its own two feet, just like its heartwarming and headstrong protagonist.”
–Lara M. Zeises, author of Anyone but You, Contents Under Pressure.

I am so touched and thankful for both of these wonderful blurbs! Thank you, thank you, ladies!!!

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