No, really–I mean it–there’s a TIRE on our MAILBOX!



I must say, this is quite original so I can’t help but applaud our prankster’s creativity. Most people’s mailboxes are trashed with eggs or a baseball bat, but not us–we get a tire.

Does that mean they wheel-y like us?

Is there a secret at-traction?

Is that why they’re tread-ing the line?

Okay, okay, no more puns. But my real question is: What the heck do we do with the sucker?

There was something good left in our mailbox on Saturday, however. FIRE IN FICTION, by Donald Maass that I read about on d_michiko_f ‘s blog. YAY!


I’m hoping it will help me with my current work-in-progress that I love, love, LOVE, but I’m having problems with. It’s very plot-driven and most of my stories are character-driven, so I feel like I’m forcing my main character into a certain mold.

She does not want to be forced.

Oh my gosh. Could she have been the one who did that to our mailbox?

Does she want me to re-TIRE my current plot?

(Sorry. Couldn’t help it.)

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