No, really–I mean it–there’s a TIRE on our MAILBOX!


I must say, this is quite original so I can’t help but applaud our prankster’s creativity. Most people’s mailboxes are trashed with eggs or a baseball bat, but not us–we get a tire.

Does that mean they wheel-y like us?

Is there a secret at-traction?

Is that why they’re tread-ing the line?

Okay, okay, no more puns. But my real question is: What the heck do we do with the sucker?

There was something good left in our mailbox on Saturday, however. FIRE IN FICTION, by Donald Maass that I’ve heard great things about, YAY! (Affiliate link.)

I’m hoping it will help me with my current work-in-progress that I love, love, LOVE, but I’m having problems with. It’s very plot-driven and most of my stories are character-driven, so I feel like I’m forcing my main character into a certain mold.

She does not want to be forced.

Oh my gosh. Could she have been the one who did that to our mailbox?

Does she want me to re-TIRE my current plot?

(Sorry. Couldn’t help it.)

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