Oh my. It’s been a while since I’ve posted! November has been a blur between NaNoWriMo, being at Disney World for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, and from getting the surprise of a lifetime after finding out amazingly awesome husband had turned our dining room into an office for me when I got home!

Oh my gosh. It’s gorgeous. BEYOND gorgeous and worthy of its very own post that I’ll write once life calms down, as well as a Wine & Dine recap.

First, I wanted to throw up a quick NaNoWriMo update.

Despite screwing up majorly by 1.) failing to pack for Disney before November which resulted in no writing on Day 3 – 4, 2.) being on vacation Days 5 – 10, and 3.) spending Days 11 – 16 gawking at my lovely new office, spending time with my husband, recovering from sleep deprivation, and procrastinating in general, here’s my stats after starting to kick butt on Day 16:

Fullscreen capture 11252015 114959 AM.bmp

Still behind, but the next few chapters are especially juicy so the remaining 2,222 word a day minimum should be no problem. The novel won’t be finished by the 50,000 mark … it feels like it’s going to take at least 100,000 for the rough draft, then 20,000 cut to tighten up, but my goal isn’t to finish the novel by November 30th. My goal is to hit that 50,000 and finally WIN NANOWRIMO!

I have to confess. I’ve already ordered the finisher’s shirt.

Fullscreen capture 10232015 90533 AM.bmp

But I’m using that as motivation to keep fingers to keyboard, eyes on the prize, and words flowing … which might be challenging with my boys home from college and a Thanksgiving to host.

And now, I need to haul myself outside for an eight mile run, (January’s Dopey Challenge will be here before I know it,) take a shower, and get my rear to the grocery store or NOBODY is eating tomorrow!

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