I am having so much fun reading all the hair stories sent to me! Here’s a few great ones:

The lovely Melodye shared one hair cut she’d rather forget on this blog entry. (Bonus: a photo to prove it!)

The equally lovely Chantel Simmons posted her own hair disaster story here on her blog. (Two words: White roots. And she’s a brunette.)

Here’s a cute one from Caitlin:

Then when I got to be 15, my mom couldn’t take me to get my hair colored, so my boyfriend drove me and when I got there, my barber just started chopping. I came out with 3 inches chopped off. OMG it was awful. Apparently, my mom called in before and had her cut it that short and purposely didn’t take me so I couldn’t yell at her. She has serious hair control issues.

Caitlin, you’re still a princess to us! And yeah, that’s some serious hair control issues. If you’re a writer, this is prime book material!

More stories will be posted later!

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