The super-cool E. Lockhart posted an interview I did with her yesterday. Check it out if you’re curious about my past stage performances, showbiz fantasies, and my version of the “Milkshake” song! 😉

Okay, seeing how I don’t have time for a full ALA report, and I’m in a meme-mood, here’s a fun one from the gals at Meme Girls:

Pick three characters from one or more of your books or WIPs and go to or the baby name site of your choice to look up the meanings of their names. Copy and paste the meanings and your characters’ names into your blog, and tell us if the meanings fit.

My names:

1. Abbey from BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT: The meaning of the name Abbey is NUNNERY, which yeah–is a very literal way of looking at it. But really, my Abbey is a determined gal who’s swore off dating and guys . . . so she’s sort of nun-like, just for different reasons. Huh. Never thought of that before!

2. Polly from BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT: The meaning of the name Polly is GREAT SORROW. Wow. Okay, this is so true, seeing how Polly’s great sorrow is the death of her daughter and yet, she refuses to talk about it.

3. Dee from my current work in progress, T.S.C.: The meaning of the name Dee is INITIAL D. What? That’s all I get, the initial ‘D,’ as though Dee isn’t a real name? Hmph. But then again, I make this exact point in the first chapter. 😉

Have a great Wednesday!

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