In the spirit of “don’t do what I did,” here’s a quick writing tip!

If you’re doing book research and discover tons and tons of wonderful tidbits and facts that most likely won’t be usable in your novel, no matter how clever you are at slipping them into random conversations … write an Author’s Notes on the side at the same time! That way, those tidbits won’t go to waste, and it will be MUCH easier remembering them while they’re fresh in your head rather than six months later … which is what I’m finding out now.

Sigh. Back to work for me.

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  1. Morgan K Wyatt says:

    On research, don’t invent things as opposed to researching them. Do not go on your best friend’s word or second cousin’s belief either. There are many commonly accepted myths people believe are true.

    As a reader and reviewer, I am amazed at what is made up by authors certain no one knows the actual facts or cares. This even goes for the Bible, which has been translated several times, words changed, books added or even dropped. You get this type of info from a Catholic education.

    I have also found just because something was patented does not mean it was in common use at the time. More than likely, it wasn’t due to expense and being unfamiliar.

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