Friday Five

1. After much searching yesterday, I finally found the book notes I whined about yesterday. YAY, happy day, happy day! The torn papers from my notebook were filed in a different book’s folder, for some reason. Still, after rereading them, I was like, “Oh . . . this is it?” There were no brilliant gems of info or insight that made the book go round, but it really would have bugged the living poo out of me had I not found them, so I feel much, much better!

2. It’s cold, y’all.

3. Really cold.

4. I don’t like being cold.

5. Which is why I’m glad to be watching the Ravens play the Steelers from the comoft of our home this Sunday. I’m a fair-weathered fan, only in the sense that I go to games when the weather is fair. 😉 But GO RAVENS!!!!

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