Seeing as how I’m a huge Disney fan who’s been to Disney World and Disneyland around … oh, a thousand times, (slight exaggeration,) I had to take Bob Iger’s MasterClass! I’m not much of a business person so I went into this with low expectations. My husband also joined me for the first ten or so classes, since he does have a construction company.

(Remember these last two points – they will come into play later.)

As a reminder, I’m not an affiliate of MasterClass, all opinions are my own, and I have the All-Access Pass that currently costs $180.00.

Class Description:

Embrace Risk, Build Resistance

From their website:

In an era of disruption, former Disney CEO Bob Iger led one of the world’s most beloved brands to unprecedented success with the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. Now, through case studies and lessons from 45 years in media, Bob teaches you how to evolve your business and career. Learn strategies for expanding a brand, leading with integrity, and making big moves—from risk management to the art of negotiation.

What you’ll learn:

  • Creating brand value
  • Managing industry disruptions
  • Navigating complex deals
  • Leadership tenets for success

What you’ll get:

  • 13 Lessons
  • Exclusive learning materials
  • 100% guaranteed

Would it be worth the standalone $90.00 cost?

Yes and no.

Let’s start with the no.

While I did enjoy this class from the perspective of a Disney fan who’s fascinated about how Bob Iger took Disney to another level, I would be disappointed if I paid for this individually. Listening to him talk about acquiring Pixar, Marvel, and 21st Century Fox was interesting, but the lessons he presented were ones that could be found in business articles for free. It was a great biography, but there weren’t many takeaways to sink your teeth into.

That being said, if you’ve already purchased the All-Access Pass, I definitely recommend giving it a go. Bob and I spent a pleasant afternoon on a rainy day at the beach watching lessons together. The rest, I enjoyed while running on the treadmill seeing as how I didn’t feel the need to take many notes.

Plus, you never know what revelations and glorious aha moments will strike when taking a class.

Which brings me to my yes.

Remember me saying I’m not much of a business person? Well, this is a misbelief I’ve had about myself for a long time … that I’m not capable, that I’m not smart enough, that I’m just not the type. This stems from when I was younger and felt like the dumb, ugly farm girl. When I learned the hard way that people would like me more if I were agreeable and quiet instead of voicing my opinion. When the possibility of me and my less-than-mediocre grades going to college was never discussed, never an option.

Not that I’m blaming anyone. I could have very been my own advocate.

But I didn’t. And it seems as though others have had this same opinion of me, considering the many, MANY times someone has asked me, “So … you work for your husband?”

I don’t work for my husband. We have a family business TOGETHER, one that would not be possible to maintain without my contributions. I work long hours doing all the bookkeeping, marketing, and I’ve self-taught myself web design in order to create our website.

And let’s talk about publishing.

When I look back on my 22 year writing journey … holy cow, has it really been this long???? …. I can see how these perception about myself has been harmful. I never truly believed in myself. I never really thought that it’d be possible for me to have a lucrative, thriving BUSINESS as a writer.

Publish a few books here and there, earning pocket change? Sure. But make a living? Being an actual career-driven, functioning author? Eh, that’s a stretch.

Back in March, I purchased the Self Publishing Formula 101 Course, cringing at the high cost but hoping it would help me cross this barrier. Instead, it only made me feel more overwhelmed at the impossibility of it all.

Watching Bob Iger calmly speak about spending millions … and I mean MILLIONS to acquire big brands such as Pixar and Marvel got the wheels churning in my head, however.

This guy has the confidence to take these huge risks, putting everything on the line … and I become frozen with fear at the thought of self-publishing a novel. This guy casually speaks of investing millions, and I feel guilty over investing $500+ into a writing course that could change my life.

I’m 51-freaking-years-old. How much longer will I wait to take that leap?

This insight had inspired me to make some serious changes in my life. I’ve stepped away from negative situations and concentrated on improving my mental health. I took a hard look at how I spend my time and changed my priorities, limiting social media and time invested into Joyful Miles. I’ve created a five year business plan for myself, which is scary, but exciting!

And, I restarted the Self-Publishing Formula Course.

So for me, yes, the insight I’ve gained on a personal level does make the course worthwhile. That’s the thing about learning. You just never know how it can change you.

Like RuPaul’s MasterClass on Self-Expression and Authenticity, which I’ll be discussing next. I had a moment of clarity that was SO STARTLING, I had to stop the treadmill and cry.

Oh boy. That was a good one.

I hope this rambling review was somewhat helpful! Have you taken Bob Iger’s course or are you a MasterClass fan? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading and happy writing!

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