The other week, I had an idea for a video to post on TikTok and Reels. (Yes, I know, some people poo-poo on cross-posting, but whatever.) No, this idea wouldn’t have gone super viral or changed the world or anything, but it was a fun twist on a popular trend and that would have been easy to film.

But did I, though?

No. Why?? <<ahem, cue the excuses>> Because …

  • I’ll film it on a day when my hair and makeup is done.
  • I don’t have my ring light with me and godforbid I have bad lighting.
  • Maybe the idea is stupid …
  • And our world is on fire. People will think it’s frivolous …
  • Or think I’m dumb …
  • And, you know, hair, makeup and all …

Say it with me, folks:


And all those excuses stems down to me lacking one thing:

Creative Courage.

This isn’t new … I’ve always suffered in the confidence department, but any creative courage that I did have has taken a nose-dive in the last few years. So instead of following through with my idea, I procrastinated.

What happens to an ignored idea?

Remember: All it wants is to be realised. It’s trying its best. It seriously has to knock on every door it can.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Yep. I went on Reels and saw that another creator (whom I adore) did a great video with the same idea I had so carelessly discarded. Do I fault her for that, for “stealing” my idea, even silently in my head? Absolutely not. My idea wanted to live, wanted to breathe, so it moved on to someone who’d honor it, so bravo, sweetie, you did an amazing job!

She had creative courage. She got an idea, filmed the idea, edited the idea, and then shared it with the world rather than shoving it to the back burner, something to only take action on with conditions is perfect, when the timing is right, and when the world is a calmer place.

But conditions are never perfect, nor is timing. And with everything going on in our chaotic world, folks need a laugh more than ever.

So. Here’s my question to you.

How many ideas are on your back burner? How many draft videos do you have saved in Reels, TikTok, or whatever? How many sounds do you have saved with the intention of using them one day? Well, my friend, the day is now.


Just film it already, okay? And if it’s a flop, then whatever! The act of taking action will build your creative courage muscles one video at a time.

As for me, I challenged myself to write this blog post, find an image as the header, and just post the sucker within twenty minutes … which I would have done if it weren’t for that bathroom break. (Darn, my walnut-sized bladder.) Will this blog post go super-viral or change the world or anything? Nope. But it feels a hell of a lot better than doing nothing and hopefully, I’ll inspire just one person to take action. I’m also going to film a video sharing this lesson in creative courage to post as inspiration to others.

After showering, of course.

I’m not perfect, folks.

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