If there ever was a good reason for me to start blogging again, it’s this:

The galleys for my second book, JUST FLIRT have arrived!!

Wow. When I look at the gorgeous cover and flip through the freshly-printed pages, it’s hard to comprehend that after four years, fourteen drafts, hundreds of lessons learned, and buckets full of blood, sweat, and tears, this book is actually real! And I must confess that my first thoughts were, “Dang, I better kick my marketing plan in gear now,” and, “I also need to finish rewriting my next novel asap,” and “Yikes, my website needs some major updating as well . . .”

But no. That’s tomorrow’s worry.

Today, I’m going to enjoy this moment and the fact that I wrote a book! And it’s funny, sweet, and . . . hopefully . . . one readers will love.

Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. Dear laura my name is megan im 11 ive read you’re book just flirt like a 3 times i think its a really good book and i really like it i think you’re a really good author and i was wondering if u are gonna come out with a just flirt 2 if so I’d love to read it

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