I hope everyone had an amazing, wonderful holiday season and 2013! Mine was great but also … challenging. Yes, challenging is a good word for it. But it’s now a new year, the slate has been wiped clean, and I’m ready to attack 2014 with a renewed spirit!

My writing goals?

  1. Submit the midgrade I worked on last year. (Actually, this is a cheater goal since my agent has everything ready to submit, but it makes me feel good when I can cross something off my list.)
  2. Give my website a much-needed makeover, seeing as how my picture at the top is … oh, 8yrs old, yikes!
  3. Rewrite the young adult novel that’s been on my back burner for a year.
  4. Do 52 writing exercises.
  5. Read 50 books.
  6. Write a midgrade during May Midgrade Madness.
  7. FINISH NANOWRIMO!! Seriously. This has been on my list for … oh, at least 8yrs but I’ve never finished. So this is the year! I can feel it. Can you feel it?
  8. Finally give up on a young adult novel called PRETTY ANGELS. I’ve been bashing my head over this story for … oh, a really long, long time but I’ve never been able to figure it out. It’s time to just bury the sucker because PRETTY ANGELS is anything but pretty.
  9. Get over my blogging fear and stop doubting myself. (This one might be the hardest.)

To make these goals easier to reach, my awesome, wonderful father bought me a new laptop for Christmas! I adore it. Core i5? Touchscreen? Yes, please!

So Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s make 2014 spectacular!

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