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Beautyshopforrent 150x2241. Abbey Garner was determined to be a “millionaire by thirty-five,” because money—and her refusal to date—would keep her from following the same path as other women in her family. What do you plan on doing differently than your parents or other adults in your family? What are your goals?

2. In chapter two, Abbey tried to convince her friends that Mitch was only a friend, but Kym thinks it’s impossible for girls and guys to be just friends. Do you agree? Disagree? And considering the many times Abbey had pushed Mitch away, was he foolish to always come back for more?

3. Granny Po’s shop was more than just a beauty salon—it was a haven, a place where Abbey felt loved, safe and needed, so when Gena left her business card, she didn’t show it to Granny Po right away. Why did she fear change? Have you ever faced a great change in your life that scared you? How did you react?

4. Abbey had so much anger for her father because of the twisted things her mother had told her, like how he never wanted custody. Despite all of her mother’s flaws and past deception, why did Abbey believed her mom over her dad? Do you think girls are more likely to believe their mother and boys more likely to believe their father?

5. Granny Po firmly believes that the truth is always best, which is why she told a client who complained about always being tired that she was “overweight and outta shape.” Have you ever told a friend a hurtful truth because you felt it could help her or him? Would you want a friend to tell you the hard truth—even if it hurt?

6. No matter how much Granny Po complained about the renovations made to her old shop, Gena was always patient because she followed the five-year-policy: What won’t matter five years from now isn’t worth worrying over. What kind of things do you worry about that won’t matter five years from now?

7. In Abbey’s world, people disappear but money doesn’t. Her bank account represented her future, her happiness, and her hope but she willingly handed over $7,500.00 when she felt her mom’s life was at risk. How did you feel when Abbey did this? Would you have done the same?

8. What do you think would have happened to Grace had Abbey not given her the money? Do you think Abbey saved Grace from another suicide attempt? And although Abbey was devastated when she discovered her mother living in a new home without her, do you think she still would have given her the money had she know the outcome?

9. While standing in front of her grandmother’s headstone, Abbey finally realized that teen pregnancies and failures wasn’t the connection between the women in her family. Hate and resentment was. For this reason, Abbey forgave her mother. Would you have been able to do the same? Was Abbey wise to ban her mother from her life until she changes? Have you ever felt free after forgiving someone?

10. Despite her fear of riding, Abbey tacked up Ragman and climbed aboard—only to be thrown minutes later when a snake spooked Ragman. Her fear came true—she fell and was hurt, but she survived. Because of this, she finally opened up to Mitch. Do you think Abbey will always be cautious? Where do you see Mitch and Abbey five years from now?

BONUS Hypothetical Questions of the Week!

11. If YOU were forced to have an extra body part implanted on your back, which would you choose? A finger, ear, breast or nose?

(Readers have asked me why ‘eye’ was excluded. Well, in an earlier draft, Edith and Abbey talked about how eye not being listed because it’d be obvious choice. Their dialogue slowed the pace, so I deleted it, but I forgot to add ‘eye’ to the list of options!)

12. If you were forced to be tortured for twenty-four hours, which technique would you prefer, being stuck in a room with fifty kindergartners in squeaky shoes, or with fifty obnoxiously loud eaters, or with twenty toddlers rubbing Styrofoam together?

13. If you were forced to smell only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

14. If you were forced to eat only one food for an entire year, what kind of food would that be?

15. Is there anything, anything more precious in the world than the smell of puppy breath? 🙂


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