It’s official. I’m now the mom of a high school graduate! Wow, what an emotional, beautiful day that was. Congratulations, Broc, I’m so proud of you!

And I’m also happy to report, (rather late,) that I did complete our first annual May Mid-Grade Madness Marathon! 20,010 words in 72 hours with 11:30 as my end time. Seriously–my right thumb still aches from typing so fast in that final hour.

I was cramming at the end after foolishly spending the first part of the second day rewriting my first chapter because it didn’t “feel” right. (Bad, Laura, bad.) And the manuscript still needs another 20,000 words, but I’m really happy with the story and I love, love, LOVE my characters! I hope to finish the rought draft by the end of July and I’m looking forward to doing this again next year!

Have a great day!

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