THE GOOD . . . no, make that THE GREAT!

Seeing how my 5k is coming up in seven weeks and I’ve been mostly running on the treadmill inside, I thought I’d go outside this morning to see how far I could jog and . . .


Seriously, for me? This is big news. BIG big. I’ve never been able to run three miles in my life, even during my cheerleading days or when I was training for Dressage and rode hours every day. I am so super psyched! (And super sore!)


My endorphins are still kicking in, so I won’t comment on my disappointment at how Mark was brought back into the Biggest Loser: Couples game. Him again? But it was cool to see Ali back and I hope she comes through with her goal to be the first female Biggest Loser winner! You go, toots.

No clue who got cut from America’s Next Top Model, seeing how I still have issues figuring out how to program my VCR, and I still haven’t been watching American Idol but yeah! Top Chef is back! Oh my gosh, I would absolutely love to be able to eat some of the contestant’s creations. It’d be worth every single calorie.


Hmm . . . can’t think of any ugly today. And why is that? Endorphins!

Back to work. Have a great one!

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