Happy Friday! I had planned on posting my WDW Half Marathon recap today but seeing as how it took me FOREVER to write my 10k report – which I didn’t even run! – I better work on my next installments during the Super Bowl and post them next week.

(Yep, I’m not watching the game. Just Katy Perry and the commercials.)

So instead, here’s a quick heads up about registration being open for SCBWI MD/DE/WV’s regional Spring: From the Bay to the Mountains Conference!


This is a one-day event on Saturday with separate intensives on Sunday. Registration for the one-day conference is required for intensive registration. Critiques will be available. Registration for the one-day conference is also required to receive a critique.

The keynote speaker? It’s going to be the artistrator, E.B.Lewis!

acrossthealley-400x400Oh. My. Goodness. I’m SO excited about this after seeing him present at a conference in Pennsylvania a few years back. Amazing. The guy is amazing! And if you’re not an illustrator, (I’m certainly not – although my stick figures are breathtaking,) don’t think you won’t get much out of his talk because seriously, you will! He’s very inspiration and besides, some of my favorite speakers have been illustrators. (Like Floyd Cooper‘s. He was fantastic!)

For more information about our other awesome speakers, visit SCBWI’s website and keep an eye out over at As The Eraser Burns for pre-conference interviews and announcements!

Have a great weekend!


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