Of course you’d have to read this entry with a title like that! Hehe. 😉

Okay, for those who have read my book, (thank you, btw,) I’ve added a “fact or fiction” page on my website that shows what tidbits from my life has crept its way into Beauty Shop for Rent! Here’s a teaser . . .


Put it together with the title and there you go. Yeah, I know. Not my proudest moment. 😉

But something I am proud of was being a part of the West Virginia Book Festival in Charleston, WV!


The first thing Bob and I got to see was a presentation given by Chris Crutcher on Saturday morning. (I know!!! CHRIS CRUTCHER!) My gosh, the man is amazing. He read a hilarious excerpt from KING OF THE MILD FRONTIER that had us all rolling. Afterwards, I wanted to run over to where he was signing books so I could possibly talk to him more, but couldn’t, seeing how my presentation was next.


The session I did on my history of hair lessons learned–and how it parallels with the lessons I’ve learned as a writer–went good, although I spoke entirely too fast because I was nervous. Bob was going to give me the “slow down” sign, but didn’t want to trip me up. Next time, put the brakes on me, sweetie!!!


Afterwards, I signed a few books . . . and when I say few, I mean few.


Yes, this is something all writers fear. But hey, it happens, right? And it gave me time to reflect on my . . .


. . . boots.

Okay, why am I posting a picture of my new boots? Because. For YEARS, I wanted boots like these. But, I never bought them because I’m cheap and I had no clue what to wear them with. Mini-skirts? Yeah, right. My mini-skirt days are over. However, after hitting a great sale at Boscov’s, I finally made the jump and got me some. Or should I say made the step?

Have a great weekend!!!

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