Okay, so tell me. Exactly how am I supposed to get any work done with this cute face staring at me, huh?


This is the new love of our lives, Jamie! She’s an eleven-week-old Australian Cattle Dog. I apologize for the way she’s sticking her tongue out at you, but this is the only shot I was able to get with her staying still!

I must admit, I had some serious reservations about getting a new puppy because I still miss Allie. Allie was so amazing; she was deaf but trained to obey hand signals and lived to please us. If she misbehaved, all I had to do was frown and she’d sense my disappointment. And she never needed to be crate-trained. We would just let her outside and she’d scratch the door when she wanted back in. So I didn’t want to take the chance with another dog. What if it wasn’t as smart or easy to train?

But, Bob and the kids really missed having a dog so I gave them the green light. Bob was the one who found Jamie and it’s amazing how much she reminds me of Allie.


Jamie stays firmly by my side during the day just like Allie did, which means I have to be very careful when moving my chair! She’s got the pooping thing down, and it only took a few minutes to teach her how to scratch to be let in. There are some differences; Jamie is more playful than Allie was, which the kids love, she can hear and she likes having her picture taken.

But look at this:


This reminds me so much of the picture I took of Allie. (She wasn’t allowed to eat or drink before going to the vets for tests, which explains the sad face.)




  1. OMG she is such a cutie! I love dogs, but in our NYC apt there’s just not enough space to have one. But I’m super happy with my adorable cats!
    Your book looks great by the way. Congrats, and I can’t wait to read it in May! 🙂

  2. Thanks! Jamie is becoming a total momma’s girl, even though we got her for the kids. I love both cats and dogs, but seeing how I married a dog person–there are no felines in our house!

    Thanks so much for visiting my site and have a great weekend!


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