First of, I’m almost forty, right? So tell me when, when, WHEN will I learn to never cut my bangs, huh? Good grief. They’re now lopsided, and the more I tried to fix it, the worse they got. And it not like I didn’t already have bang issues, as proven by his horrible picture taken with Chris Bohjalian a while back:


Argh. Somebody throw me a daggone brush next time.

Second, I only got to catch the last ten minutes of America’s Next Top Model last night so I missed the showdown, but I was happy Whitney won. Still, Anya was pretty awesome and will make a great model, so I can’t help but wonder if Whitney’s fuller figure influenced the judge’s decision. (Check out this link for some pre-ANTM pictures of Whitney when she was slimmer.)

Personally, I think she looks better and happier now, so you go, Whitney. Work that ANTM title!

Third, I decided I needed a writer tune-up, so I’m re-reading Stephen King’s, ON WRITING. If there’s any new writers out there who have not discovered this gem of a book yet, order a copy today! It’s brilliant.


Have a great day!

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