My name is Laura and I’m a coffee and Diet Coke-oholic.

* Hi, Laura!*

But I’m happy to say that it’s been six days since my last cup of coffee or fountain Diet Coke. To fully appreciate this, you must know the extent of my prior addiction. Before, I would usually drink at least a pot of coffee a day and in the past few months, I’ve fallen into the habit of going to a nearby convenience store just for a 32-ounce of heavenly bliss and a 3 Musketeers bar that I would nibble the chocolate off and then throw away the fluffy inside, (which is a sickness we’ll save for another day.)

However, seeing how I was having headaches all the time and I felt toxic after my major rewrite last week, I knew it was time to get on the wagon by cutting out all caffeine and sodas from my diet. I’m actually feeling pretty great now . . . although I would totally tackle my own grandmother for a diet soda at times.

But now, I’m experiencing a major, major W.A.D.D. attack, (Writer’s Attention Deficit Disorder,) now that it’s time for me to start something new I fully intended to write the novel idea I’ve been putting off for a year now, but–as usually–I came up with a completely different story that’s sounding more fun right now. Awwk!! How can I make these decisions without caffeine?

I’m just going to be an adult about this . . . and decide by flipping a coin. After I tackle Granny for a soda.

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