Okay, to add to my post yesterday, here’s more writer lessons we can learn from Sweet Pea, courtesy of Melissa Wyatt.

“And Sweet Pea listened to her editor/Tim Gunn! She didn’t get all artsy and defensive and say “I like it this way” or “This is my vision.” She saw that her vision was not translating for her audience and she adapted appropriately. You must learn to at least listen to the outside voices when it’s time.”

Absolutely, Melissa, excellent point!

Also, I couldn’t think of a lesson to be learned from Christian’s design yesterday. Thanks to Kelly R. Fineman, here’s a great one:

“The lesson to be learned from Christian isn’t from his dress. It’s from his character (and the shocked/snitty expression on his face when they congratulated Ricky, and not him): Be careful of your image, and do try to be humble. Not falsely humble, by any means, but for Pete’s sake, not cocky.”

You got that right, Kelly! Christian was acting like a total terd. And to add to that lesson–published writers should never look down or doubt the abilities of a starting writer or one who hasn’t sold a book yet. They could very well kick everyone’s rear one day by winning a Newberry, or in Ricky’s case, winning the challenge!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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