1. Happy, Happy Birthday to my fantastic husband, Bob!!! You’re the best, babe.

2. Way to go, Tampa Rays, for your win last night! Man, I love a good underdog story.


3. Joselyn, dear Joselyn, I was sorry to see you leave ANTM.


Especially after watching Majorie and Elina continually express their feelings about being unable to express their feelings. Guess I have to pick a new favorite now. I’m going with . . . Sheena. I love her personality.

4. After being sucked into watching Stylista after ANTM, I’ve come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t last ten minutes as a intern at Elle.


Let’s forget the fact that A.) I’m WAYYYY too old and B.) I have zero fashion sense and C.) I’ve never even read Elle. It’s because I’d be too tempted to say, “up yours,” to Anne Slowey, who must have really, really loved The Devil Wears Prada. For now, I’m putting my money on Ashlie. I like how she kept her cool in the first challenge.

5. Speaking of firsts, I finally finished my first chapter yesterday after spending a lot of time playing around with voice and points of view. And–this is so strange–I actually like it. What’s up with that?


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