So, I go to the Orioles game early last night, because my boys wanted to get signatures. I’m sitting there–doing some editing on TSC–when they announce who’s going to throw out the opening pitch. Guess what. It’s Jaslene, winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8! I know, too cool, huh?


She’s never learned the lesson about high heels and grass, and took a huge handicap, but hey, she got the job done! Then they announced how she’s signing autographs during the second inning. Again . . . I know, too cool, huh? Screw the game, I wanted to meet Jaslene!


So I find the Cover Girl stand, where ladies, teenagers and a few brave men were waiting in line, some of us fussing with our hair, and putting on lipstick, because–come on–one can not meet a Top Model without lipstick! (And I was seriously regretting my decision to not wash my hair that morning.)

We waited . . . and waited . . . with me also regretting my decision to leave my teenage boys alone at their seats. I had visions of them standing on their seats, shirtless, with grafitti on their chests. Jaslene finally arrived in the fourth inning and she is absolutely gorgeous in person.


Of course, I gushed like an idiot when it was my turn. “I was so happy you won, you were my favorite, blah, blah, blah.” She signed a baseball for my son, Broc, which–yeah–could make it’s way onto one of her “My Life as a Model” segments since there was a camera right on us.

Why, oh WHY didn’t I wash my hair?!?


Yeah, I know. I have major bang issues, okay?

So I go back to my seat to find my boys well behaved with their shirts on, and the Orioles still losing. *Sigh.* But, hey, us O’s fans still have fun. And–to prove to my editor and agent that I am hard at work on TSC, I even did some editing between innings.


I should have left my hat on for the picture with Jaslene, huh?

But when I got home and told Jamie about meeting her, Jamie was quite irritated at me, seeing how she considers herself to be a diva model as well.


So she began to prove it with this classic ‘peek-a-boo’ pose. Notice the intensity and the way her eyes just jump out at you.


And yet another! Ooo, look at that expression of longing. It’s breathtaking.


Uh, but this one? Yeah, that’s a bit too much, sweetie. Not good.


Tonight it’s another O’s game, and you can bet that I will definitely be washing my hair!

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