Happy Friday! Chuck Wendig posted a great Flash Fiction Challenge today: A Story in Five Sentences. I love writing exercises like these. Quick and breezy, so I’m jumping in:

Her hair, once thick and lustrous, now hangs in limp waves past her thin shoulders, the perfect length for him to wrap around his meaty hands. She stifles a scream as he yanks, his breath hot against her pale neck and his voice as sharp as the knife hidden beneath her skirt as he whispers, “Tell me where our son is and I promise to go easy on you this time.”


Nothing with this man is easy … except for the way the blade slips so cleanly between his ribs.

His eyes widen as she twists the knife with a soft smile and says, “Too bad I can’t promise the same.” 

Total time spent: 35 minutes which were rather fun despite the not-so-fun topic! There’s a lot missing … like showing how she was able to retrieve the knife and attack, etc., but nope, that’s okay, perfection is not required for these so I’m getting back to plotting.

And maybe gather up the nerve to post on his site…

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