Many, many congratulations to Marlene Perez for the September 1st release of DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK!


Thanks to the lovelies at Harcourt Paperbacks, I got a copy over the summer and I absolutely LOVED it! I’m looking forward to the follow-ups, DEAD IS A STATE OF MIND and DEAD IS SO LAST YEAR. Congrats, Marlene!

Now, there was something else I was looking forward to last night while watching America’s Next Model’s premiere: for the TyraBot, Alpha J and Beta Jay routine to STOP! Oh my gosh, the first episode is always a bit campy, but that took campy to a whole new level of annoying. (Jay Manuel did look kind of hot with that Anime-style gray hair, however. And how DOES he get that great skin? Geez.)

Anyway, my favorites so far are:


Brittany. She looks a bit like Jaslene, doesn’t she? And . . .


Joslyn. Her first photo shoot was excellent, (don’t judge her by this bad shot,) and I like a girl who never gives up. She auditioned 30 times! And, I give . . .


. . . Iris major props. Transgendered or not, she took one hell of a picture. (Again–ignore this not-so-great shot.) I remembered her from the homeless photo shoot last season, she’s nice, and hey–she’s a fellow Marylander, so go for it, Iris! Give those other gals a run for their money.

Also, did anyone notice there is no plus-size model this season, hmmm? Guess they figured they’ve already satisfied that demographic after Whitney won last year. Huh.

Have a great day!

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