What’s up with the Superbowl commercials? As per my normal tradition, last night I read during the game and only watched the commercials, seeing how that’s the best part and football is not my sport unless the Ravens are playing. (Eight more weeks until Oriole’s opening day, YAY!!) But it seems like the commercials are becoming less funny every year.

Still, the Planter’s uni-brow one was hilarious! I’m wearing cashew perfume today to see if it works. I’ll be sure to report on that later.

(If you want to see the commercial, go to my livejournal blog.)

I also liked the Doritos one, too. The game? I was hoping the Patriots would win because that’s who my husband was cheering for, but hey, it was cool the Giants won.

Off to put on more cashews and throw away my tweezers . . .

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