Have you ever finished a major editing cram-course and then woke up from your fiction-fog only to see that your house now looks like this . . .


. . . (and that’s just the sink,) and you’re behind on nearly every aspect of your life? Yeah, me too. The good news is that I’m done. For now. The bad news is I’ve got a ton of catching up to do. Especially since I spent Tuesday watching Touched by an Angel reruns, (until my kid came home and reminded me we have a school even to go to, which was good because it forced me to shower,) and then Wednesday having lunch with good buds Pam and Lara.

But instead of working, let’s talk reality TV:

American Idol:

Eh, I haven’t been watching too much this year. Mostly because it’s annoying how the show can dominate your Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. But if I had to pick a favorite, it’s Michael and Kristy Lee, but I’m biased about Kristy Lee. I like how she’s a barrel racer. 😉 She is the barrel racer, right?

Project Runway:

I fell asleep last night, so I didn’t see all of Rami or Chris’s collection, but I was happy to hear how Rami is making it to fashion week. (Poor Chris, though. All that work!) Now, if only Victoria wasn’t eliminated, then I would have predicted the top three. But, Christian is awesome, (cocky, but awesome,) and I think he’ll win the whole thing, but Jillian will have clothes most women would want to wear.

America’s Next Top Model:

Wow, can you believe Aleisha won? I thought for sure it’d be . . . oops, wrong cycle. I really am behind. (But I’m so glad Aleisha was able to get rid of that horrible hair cut!) Okay, this cycle. Wow, ten already? And now Paulina Porizkova is a new judge, who I’ve like ever since she did that Cars video, which really shows my age. Still, I’m missing the Janice Dickinson days. She livened the panel up.

My favorites so far are Claire–even though the whole breast milk thing creeped me out, Whitney–who should give those skinny gals a run for the money, and Katarzyna. Will Tyra ever get her name right? My prediction for most improved is Dominique and for the most dramatic make-over? Allison, to get rid of her “Gossip Girl” look.

And now, it’s back my ever g rowing to-do list! Oh, and my mom would have a total cow if she knew I posted a picture of my dirty dishes, so don’t tell her, okay?

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