Happy Monday!

I love a great hair story, especially when there’s pictures! Keris Stainton sent me a link to a hilarious “hair don’t” post on her blog after seeing the hair lessons page on my website. Click here if you’re in the mood for a giggle and enjoy!

Also, I’m still at the YA Author’s Cafe if you’d like to stop in and ask me anything about my writing, my book . . . or why I lose all my fine jewelry. 😉

One more thing–the Class of 2k7 is having a first lines contest! The person who can match the most first lines with the 2k7 book will win a fabulous collection of 2k7 arcs! Entries are due this Friday, May 18th. Good luck!

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Laura. Thanks for the link, but, um, there’s no link! 🙂

    It’s here in case anyone’s interested: http://tinyurl.com/3ckurw

    Keris x

  2. Oops! A link would help, huh? (I checked to make sure I got it right on my livejournal/myspace blogs.) Sorry about that Keris! Thanks for the catch, and for sharing those great photos!

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