I loved Jo Knowles “10 Things on a Friday” post, so I thought I’d give it a go!

1. I’m thinking about putting together a collection of perm disaster stories seeing how most of the entries submitted for my contest have been about perms that ended in disastrous poodle proportions. 😉 OR a burnt section of hair caused by a chain-smoking, ash dropping stylist named Lawanda, which is what happened to Alison when she was in ninth grade. Check out her blog entry for the full story of Alison’s perm catastrophe, and the mohawk it led to! (Yes, I said mohawk!)

And be sure to take a peek at Alison’s Bad Hair History with some of her least favorite hairstyles from the past, including a Farrah-do we ALL wanted back then! (But she was still adorable!)

2. I’m annoyed that Nicolas and AJ was voted off of American Idol last night.

3. Forgotten tea that’s been left to brew for 45 minutes does not taste good.

4. My productivity level has dropped about 50% ever since we got our new puppy.

But just wook at that sweet wittle facey-wacey! Ah boo-boo-boo-boo! Boo-boo-goo-goo-goo!

5. No, really, I don’t talk to her like that.

6. Well . . . that was a lie. I totally do.

7. I’m about five scenes away from finishing TSC, which means it will probably end up being way over 100,000 words, seeing how I’m at 86,284 words now. Oy!

8. Praise the Lord, it feels like spring today!

9. Tonight I’m going to be a featured author for a local middle school’s Family Reading Night! I’m so excited, but I have NO idea what I’m going to wear . . .

10. Also later tonight one of my boys will pick the winner for my galley give-away! I’ll be posting the winner’s name tomorrow morning. Good luck to all who entered! The next drawing will be on March 16th.


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