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Oh, how I love YouTube! I absolutely love making videos and vlogging, although my goals are changing in 2020.

Want to check out my videos?

There are two places! (Well, technically one … for now.)

Joyful Miles

Here’s where my friend, Jackey and I share race recap videos! I’ve also posted TONS of runDisney and running tip videos, plus there’s many Joyful Miles Podcast episodes and more. I’ve had so much fun with this channel since 2016!

Write, Run, Rejoice

Oh, this poor neglected channel with 15 subscribers, (whom I’m incredibly grateful for considering I haven’t give them any reason to subscribe.) I started it five years ago as a way to promote my published novels with intentions to one day join the AuthorTube community.

Yeah. That never happened. But it will in May 2020! #bigscarygoals