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Too pretty to eat

I was about to write up a post entry about nothing interesting in particular when this was delivered at my doorstep . . .


Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?!? Wow, this is so beyond adorable! It was sent by another family in thanks for the work Bob and I did putting a team together for a week-long baseball tournament in New York.


Look at this baby, flowers made from fruit? Too cute! It definitely falls under the “too pretty to eat” category, because I don’t want to be the first one to mess it up!

It reminds me of a cake my mother once made for one of my birthday parties in the shape of Raggedy Ann. It was so beautiful and perfect–with colored coconut and trimmings in licorice and candy. Problem was, none of my friends or I ate it. Not one bite. It was so pretty that we just couldn’t bring ourselves to mess it up by cutting off a piece. I think my mom was upset by that. Highly flattered . . . but still upset.

But I will be most definitely dig into this fruit! As soon as Bob gets home to see it, that is. 😉

(Oh, and if you’re interested, the company’s website is www.ediblearrangements.com.) Have a great weekend!

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