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Let me give you a little bit of advice: Always BACK UP your songs on iTunes before downloading a newer version. Seriously. Do it now. Why? Because after my last download, every single song, video and audiobook in my iTunes library was wiped out. Gone. Adios. History, and to make it worse, I’ve never bothered to back up my files.

It was not a good moment.

Thankfully, I was able to recover all bought material by transferring it from my iPod. But, it wouldn’t transfer music loaded from CD’s for some reason, so I’ve been spending various bits of free time over the past two weeks re-loading all my music. On the bright side, however, there was a ton I’ve never put on my iPod, like my Rolling Stones, Simon & Garfunkle, Charlie Pride and the Oakridge Boys CD’s. Great stuff, proving that sometimes, great stuff happens after bad things knock you down.

Here’s hoping for more great stuff to happen soon.

Oh, and I’m buying a flash drive to back-up my iTunes files on. Today.

Okay, what else can I talk about? Reality TV? I haven’t been watching much lately, seeing how the kids have something going on nearly every night and I’m always forgetting to program the VCR. But I did catch the finale of The Bachelor. Man, I was so shocked he picked Shane! I thought it was Chelsea all the way. And, dude, proposing after only knowing a gal for six weeks–while seeing twenty-four others? Hey, I’m all for romance, but that brought out the cynic out of me. Still, it would be fantastic for SOMEONE from The Bachelor to actually get hitched, so good for them.

America’s Next Top Model? I’ve missed the past two weeks and have no clue who’s been eliminated. Wait . . . I’ll go find out.

Hold on.

Wow, it’s the finale already this Wednesday? I must have missed more than two weeks. Okay, I have a hunch Anya will win, but I’m hoping Whitney will. It’s about time a plus model gets the top honor. And on Top Chef, I’m putting my vote in now for Richard. The dude is awesome . . . and I like his hair. 😉

Back to work for me. Have a great day!

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