Random Chitchats

Thursday This and Thats

1. I thought I was late this morning taking my dog, Jamie, to the vets, but I wrote the wrong time in my Day Runner so I was early. How you doing? I love when things like that happen.

2. Jamie, however, does not like going to the vets. She piddled a litte on my shoes, which I did not love.

3. I was wearing sandals, by the way.

4. But I do love my dog. 🙂

5. After running the 5K on Saturday, I gave myself a little workout break on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. But, when I went to run on Wednesday . . . I could barely finish three miles! Seriously, I had to take about five walk breaks. What is the deal with that? After only three days off? Good grief. I really DON’T love that.

6. Did you see that DeAnne, the gal who Brad ditched at the final rose ceremony, is now the new Bachelorette? You go, girl, have fun with those twenty-five new dudes.

7. Okay, break over. Back to work on the next chapter.

8. Have a great day!

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