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Are you ready for some football? Baltimore vs. Cinncinati tonight, and I’m ready to break out my purple Ravens gear, baby. I should explain that I haven’t always been into football, but after my husband bought season tickets, I’ve become a major fan. And I’m not the only one–according to this, the Ravens have the highest fan rating. I don’t know how they came to this conclusion, but it’s pretty cool!

I’m hoping for an awesome season, seeing how the Oriole’s didn’t do all that well. But that’s okay, O’s, I still loves ya. A fair-weather fan, I’m not!


Britney Spears’ performance on VMA’s last night, apparently. I didn’t bother to watch it, because I am so tired of the whole Britney thing. I shouldn’t judge, but honestly. Between the crotch shots, clubbing, mommy-ditching and hit-and-runs, I’m starting to side with K-Fed, which isn’t saying a lot. He must have a smart publicist who wisely told him to lay low for a while.


The cat-fighting between the remaining ladies on VH1’s Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. Anyone here watching it? Good grief, these ladies are vicious, but that’s what happens when you throw together a rock star, and fans longing for his attention, and yes–I admit it–it’s my guilty pleasure of the season. My pick? Jess. She rocks the pink highlights!

Back to editing for me . . .

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