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Me! I’ve been sticking to my workouts and I can now run a mile in less than fifteen minutes. Maybe not the most impressive time, and I still have a ways to go before my 5k in May, but for me? Running a mile is . . . well, a milestone. So, I’m thinking I deserve a little reward. Maybe these little babies . . .


No, that’s not me modeling. Pam send me this link because my hands are always cold. Aren’t they cute? Love the colors . . .


. . . and because I absolutely hate writing with cold hands, I’m ordering a pair as a reward. Wonder if I can write them off as a business expense? 😉


What’s bad besides Heidi Montag’s new video? (I don’t even want to talk about that one.) ME. That’s what’s bad. Last night, in my obsessive, anal quest to tidy up the image manager on my website’s WordPress program, I screwed up most of the pictures on my website, including all the pictures on each and every blog entry. And I have a ton of photos on my website and a ton of blog entries, y’all. Screwed with a capital S.


The words that were flying out of my mouth when I realized I totally messed up my website. I stayed up super late fixing it, and if there is a silver lining somewhere in my Capital S, the photos in my image manager are now organized in neat little folders, but still. I’m tired! Do I gotta work out today?

Yes. I do. Because once I run the two mile mark, I’m ordering this . . .


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