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The Biggest Loser

I am going to stick to my workout program this time.

Seriously. I mean it.

All those other times I blogged about working out? I was just kidding, you know, because I didn’t have anything else interesting to blog about so I just pulled that topic from a hat.

This time, however, I am focused. Determined. And sore as all heck, from the over-exuberant three-mile walk I took this morning. Why am I saying this? From where does my newfound tenacity come from?

The Biggest Loser. Good grief, I’m always in awe at what those folks go through. The killer guerilla-warfare like workouts, being away from family, the weigh-ins on national television wearing outfits I’m sure they are uncomfortable in. You can’t help but admire them and want to get in on the act.

But I do wonder about the opposite effect it could have on some people who feel they can’t accomplish the same goals because they don’t have a trainer to push them through long workouts, high-tech gym equipment, or extended periods of time when they can focus solely on their health and fitness. And on last night’s premiere, a sixty-two-year-old lost thirty-one pounds in one week. Most of that could be water weight and the pounds do fall off quicker at the beginning, but thirty-one pounds? How healthy is that, when a lot of doctors recommend a two-pound weight loss in one week?

Whatever the case, I’m hooked. And I love how they have Jillian back on the show and training the Black Team! She rocks.

Okay, enough jabber. It’s back to editing for me.

Oh, and ps? I’m going to be totally lame tomorrow. 😉

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