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Team SCBWI in MD/DE/WV March Conference

Are you going to the Team SCBWI in MD/DE/WV Conference in Buckeystown, Maryland on March 19-20, 2016? If so, be sure to check out the pre-conference faculty interviews we are posting over at As The Eraser Burns! And don’t forget that critiques are due on February 12th. #nagnagnag Ava Jae, writer and Assistant Editor at Entangled Publishing [...]

Spring: From the Bay to the Mountain Conference

I once heard a published author say how she no longer attends writer’s conferences because, “it’s just the same information, over and over again.” This astounded me in two ways: First over her belief that she’s heard every bit of information on writing ever possible and second, does a sold book mean you no longer needed to learn? So. Not. True. [...]

Conference weekend!

Bags are packed. Banana bread made, (I like leaving surprises for my man.) Notepad and pens are in my purse plus money to buy signed books. So I’m ready to leave for our regional SCBWI spring conference! Full recap on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Happy Friday! I had planned on posting my WDW Half Marathon recap today but seeing as how it took me FOREVER to write my 10k report – which I didn’t even run! – I better work on my next installments during the Super Bowl and post them next week. (Yep, I’m not watching the game. Just Katy Perry and the [...]

Coffee & Conversation with David Teague

Cross posted on As The Eraser Burns. With only six more weeks until the On the Road to Sparkling Literature Conference on September 20-21, you know what that means, right? Another series of awesome speaker interviews! We’re kicking things off with David Teague joining us in the cyber café and he’s brought along one of [...]

When It’s Not Your Writing Season

Things I’ve learned while training for my first marathon: 1. “I’ll do my work first and then run later” usually translates to “I’ll most likely miss my run today and then feel like crap about it later.” 2. Ice baths are awful. 3. It’s not a good idea to tuck a Gu Energy Gel under [...]