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I’ll be posting a full recap tomorrow, but for now, here’s a video recap of my 2015 Baltimore Marathon experience! Be warned – things get shaky at the end. Real shaky, since I was more worried about hitting my goal time instead of taking good video. And I learned that it’s better to take random video shots [...]

2015 runDisney Princess Half Marathon

Seeing as how there’s only, yikes, 23 days until 2016’s Princess Half Marathon, I’m keeping this short and sweet with mostly photos. Okay, so where was I? I’ve already chatted about the Fit for a Princess Expo. And the frozen Frozen 5k and Enchanted 10k here. Now on to the second half of the Glass Slipper Challenge and my third Princess [...]

Baltimore Marathon … it’s almost here, hon!

Wow. Hard to believe that the Baltimore Marathon is this Saturday. THIS SATURDAY, I’m so excited! And nervous. Terrified. A little nauseous. But mostly excited. After see this gorgeous line while going to Baltimore Ravens games at M&T Bank Stadium for … oh, what, around ten years? … I’m finally going to be running the actual [...]

2015 runDisney Enchanted 10k

And the (horribly late) recapping continues! Today’s topic is runDisney’s Enchanted 10k, the first part of the Glass Slipper Challenge! The weather was nicer than it was for the 5k … high 40’s maybe? … but I learned a humidity lesson: When the temps are low, high humidity makes it feel colder. When temps are high, humidity makes it [...]

2015 runDisney Frozen 5k

So, let me back up and start this (hideously late) recap a week before the race, where Facebook groups were buzzing over the predicted freezing temps for the Princess Half Marathon Frozen 5k. Some worry-warts with too much time on their hands were even monitoring several weather apps daily, keeping logs and noting any differences. (Okay, that was me.) Then [...]

2015 Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k Race Recap

A more appropriate title for this recap is… The race I almost bailed on. “Suck it up and run,” the race my husband made me do. Or… And yet another lesson on seriously screwing up despite seriously knowing better. Okay, let me backtrack a little to explain why I almost skipped the 40th Annual Baltimore Women’s Classic [...]