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frederick running festival

Frederick Running Festival Recap: The Half Marathon

I’m slowwwly catching up on all race recaps this year.  Today’s topic: my first time running the Frederick Half Marathon, the first race of the King Crab Challenge! Wow, I really, REALLY loved this race. And I know, I’m fairy easy to please when it comes to races. But seriously, this is my new favorite local half! Very organized, great [...]

Frederick Running Festival Recap: The Twilight 5k

Oh, how I love the Frederick Running Festival! The Twilight 5k has a special place in my heart, since it was my first official 5k. Reading my recap from 2008, I have to laugh. Wow, I was such a newbie back then. I got so excited about getting a cup of Gatorade for the first time … and nearly choked [...]