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2015 Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k Race Recap

A more appropriate title for this recap is… The race I almost bailed on. “Suck it up and run,” the race my husband made me do. Or… And yet another lesson on seriously screwing up despite seriously knowing better. Okay, let me backtrack a little to explain why I almost skipped the 40th Annual Baltimore Women’s Classic [...]

2015 Baltimore 10 Miler Race Recap

Running the Baltimore 10 Miler was another first for me! I’ve always wanted to try this race because of the awesome premium jackets they give out instead of medals. Since the King Crab Challenge consists of the Frederick Half Marathon, Baltimore 10-Miler, and Baltimore Marathon, I finally got my chance on June 6th. Oh, and speaking about King [...]

My Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon Recap, hon!

Since NaNoWriMo started on Saturday … and for some insane reason, I decided to attempt it … I’m glad I wrote this Baltimore Half recap last week! (Still need to do one for the Tower of Terror 10-miler but yeah, that might be a while.) The quick version: I loved it. The long, long version: It all began [...]

2014 Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k Recap

Oh, how I love the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k, the largest women’s race in the Mid-Atlantic area and one of the oldest 5k’s in the country that benefits Cancerve, Inc. which raises funds to provide direct support services for female cancer patients and their families across the state of Maryland. I loved it in 2013 and I loved it in 2011! (My [...]