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Summer blogging break

Happy Wednesday!

Okay, last week I did something that made me feel good by redecorating my dining room/writing area. This week, I’m trying to make life more sane. Between work and my boys’ nonstop baseball and basketball games, my writing is starting to suffer. So, I’m unplugging for the summer by taking a Livejournal, MySpace, Facebook and all things computer break. Our television is going semi-unplugged, too, except for when Project Runway starts up again in July. I gotta have my Tim Gunn fix!

So I hope you have a wonderful, fantastic summer!

Real quick though:

– I totally missed the Top Chef final episode, but yeah to Stephanie for winning!
– LOVED Sex and the City! Poor Bob. He was one of out only eleven men in the packed theater. He did get a kick out of how us ladies gasped, applauded or awwww’d at key moments. 😉
– LOVED the movie Juno! At first, I thought it would be another inflated bomb, like No Country for Old Men, (I can’t believe that was even nominated for an Academy Award.) But it was very sweet.

Okay, I’m done. See you in September!

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