Random Chitchats

Sucky cold.

I got all the goodies: A brand-new journal? Check. New pens? Check. The most motivating book ever that I reread annually, Goals: How to get everything you want faster than you ever though possible? Check, check, check.

But I’ve yet to write out my list of goals for 2009. (I no longer make resolutions, like ‘getting in shape.’ They’re too vague. I make concrete, attainable goals, like running in a 5k race.) The cold that knocked my husband and son out of commission before Christmas has finally caught up with me and I’m too zonked on Robitussin to think clearly.

Instead, I’ve been snooping around livejournal. Kelly R. Fineman has a great policy. She does things on New Year’s day that will set the tone for the rest of her year. Uh-oh. If that proves true for me, then I might be in for a year of wallowing in wrinkled pajamas blowing my nose every five minutes. But, I did spend most of the day rereading an old favorite: Clan of the Cave Bear. Submersing myself in literature could mean I’ll have a good writing year, right Kelly? Right. 😉

Susan Taylor Brown talks about how Laura Purdie Salas likes to have themes for each year. That’s also a great idea. It got me to thinking of what could have been my theme for 2008: Survive. Survive whatever the economy and other setbacks threw our way. So what’s my theme for 2009?


Huh. That’s got a nice ring to it. Thrive it is. But first . . . a shower. That’s a good place to start, huh?

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